Bible College

Classes are beginning to be posted.  Sign up as they show up through December.

New classes begin the week of January 12, 2015.
Space is limited.
Please remember, registration follows the Bible College LAW, as passed down from Moses.
1.  Must have an approved application on file by Dec 20, 2014
2.  Must sign up via the web. Signups end Dec 31, or when class fills up.
3.  Pay by check to Sharon Tipton in the church office, or at the very latest at the first class.
4.  Must attend the first class. No exceptions to the rules per Calvary Chapel main Bible College.

Melbourne campus   

Right now, the following classes are planned:

I,II,III John, Melbourne Campus, Monday nights - David Palmisano
Epistles of John class link

Hermeneutics, Principles of Biblical Interpretation, Thursday nights, Art Fabritiis, Melbourne campus

Old Testament Survey part 2,
Melbourne Campus, Wed nights - Jake Auxier
Old Testament II class info



How to sign up

Sign up by going to your campus (on the website) then select Small Groups under the Connect menu.  Search for Bible College and you will find the classes available at that campus.

First time students must have their bible college application approved before classes start. The application can be downloaded below. Men and Women can take bible college classes.

Download Bible College Application

PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS on how to fill out the Bible College Application
Important note for Macintosh users:  Right-click and save the file to your computer BEFORE filling in your data!

1.  Go to your desk top and double click the file.  It will be a PDF file. 2.  Once it opens, click your mouse in the first field (Name).  Type your name. 3.  Tab to every field, filling in the appropriate data.  A few fields are formatted (dates, etc) or have pull down answers.  It should be self explanatory.
4.  Fill in all fields.  It is six pages long.  If something is not applicable, please enter N/A or some appropriate comment. Do not leave blank fields.
5.  When complete, right click on the form and save it on your hard drive again (replacing the blank original copy).
6.  Now go to your email program (Outlook, Yahoo mail, Gmail, etc) and create a message addressed to
7.  For subject put "your name" and "bible college application"
8.  Be sure to ATTACH the form you have saved to your hard drive.
9.  Hit send and you are done.
10. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.
11. Within approximately one week, you will receive a second email confirming that your application has been reviewed and accepted.  Your application will be saved on file and only needs to be filled out one time before your first class.

Bible College Certificates of Achievement 
Calvary Chapel Melbourne will begin issuing Certificates of Achievement to students who have completed twelve key courses in the Bible College with grades of  B or higher. The key courses are:  the complete survey (Old Testament 1 and 2, and New Testament 1 and 2), a major Old Testament book (such as Genesis), a major New Testament epistle (such as Romans or Ephesians), the Gospel of John, Biblical Theology, Hermeneutics, Apologetics, and two electives.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bible College?
Calvary Chapel Bible College in Melbourne is in fellowship with the main Calvary Chapel Bible College founded in 1975 in Costa Mesa, California. The Bible College provides in-depth biblical classes for those who want a deeper understanding of the Word and of Jesus Christ.
When do classes meet?
Most classes meet one night a week; for one to two hours.  One class meets Saturday afternoon.
How do I register?
Before taking your first Bible College classes you must fill out the Bible College Application form. The application includes information about your spiritual background and is only seen by the administrative staff of the Bible college. Return it in a sealed envelope to the office (attn: Sharon Tipton for the Bible College) or email it to her at: It is only necessary to fill out the application one time, before your first course.  The form can be downloaded from the website.
What are the fees?
The fee is $50 per class plus the cost of books (which varies). See individual class descriptions for details.  Make checks out to “Calvary Chapel” and indicate “Bible College” (and class name).
How many hours per week are the classes?
Most classes meet one night a week, for one or two hours. The homework involves reading, studying or listening to teachings. The time for preparation varies from class to class (each class description will tell you how much time is required for the specific class). A “typical” class may require 3 to 4 hours per week.
Can men and women take the classes? Is the Bible College for future pastors only?
The Bible College is available to both men and women.  The Bible College is for all Christians who want to study the word of God.  Most people in the Bible College have “regular” full time jobs.
Will I receive credits?
Yes, you receive Calvary Chapel Bible College credits. However Calvary Chapel Bible College is not accredited since we want to avoid any government influence on our curriculum. For more information on the main Calvary Chapel Bible College in California, please go to:
Who can I call for more information about the Bible College?
Steve Slesinger (evenings):
Email Steve 

Sharon Tipton (days): 
Email Sharon

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