Following Christ is more than just coming to church on Sundays. Just as God wants a relationship with us, He wants us to be in communion with each other. Because He loves us, He actually made it a commandment (John 13:34-35).  

You may have heard the expression, “No man is an island.” It means we aren't meant to do life all by ourselves. Life is filled with good, exciting, joyful, happy, and funny moments as well as painful, discouraging, and sorrowful times. Having other Christ followers in our lives makes great moments even better, and helps soothe the ache during difficult seasons.

Take a look at some of the below groups offered here at CCM. There is something for everyone, so get plugged in! 

Women's Ministry


Women's Ministry is going deeper in relationship with God and others - TOGETHER. Women's Ministry is reaching out to women of all ages and stages of life, drawing them in to see what being a Christ Follower in everyday life looks like. Our goal is to empower women to know Jesus through vibrant relationships, dynamic discipleship, and compassionate outreach. Meet women who can commiserate with you. Be encouraged by their example and comforted by their strength. Each of us have experienced some or all of what you are feeling now, and we have found a way through Jesus to turn fear into courage, hate into love, sorrow into joy, bitterness into forgiveness, and hurt into healing. We are the ambassadors of Christ exemplifying how to follow Him in everyday living. Allow us the privilege of sharing life with you, and join us in the journey toward intimacy with God!

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Men's Ministry


Men are called to be spiritual leaders of their home, their church, and their community. Men's ministry aims to equip men with the tools needed to grow stronger in their personal relationship with Jesus, and teach them God's definition and guidelines of a godly leader. Through Bible studies, support groups, biblical counseling, and special events, men are able to plug in and connect with other men as they pursue Christ.

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Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family

Our marriage and family ministry is a welcoming place for those with young children to connect. Discover others that can relate to your experiences – the ups and downs of family life – and together find encouragement to grow your relationship with God. We invite you to COME. Running late? Forgot to bring food? Kids completely crazy? It doesn’t matter. Come be with others who understand and are going through the… Exact. Same. Thing. We’re all in this together.

Melbourne Viera Sebastian
Young Adults Ministry

Young Adults

The Harbor is our young adults group aimed for ages 18-30. Singles and young married couples are both welcome. Meeting every Thursday night at 7 PM in the Melbourne Youth Worship Room, get ready for energetic worship and a teaching relevant to your interests and place in life. It's a place where you are welcome to be yourself, and be real no matter what. Childcare is available at weekly gatherings. There are also fun events geared for both singles and couples of the group.

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