Evangelist D.L. Moody had this to say, “If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God!” With all the fun our pastors, workers, and volunteers have in Ignite Kids Ministry, it’s easy to understand why Moody felt that way. CCM offers children's church at all our weekend services. While the adults worship and learn, the kids are being taught biblical truth that will stay with them forever.

Ignite Kids Ministry is made up of four areas: Nursery (Infants & Walkers), Shining Stars (Preschool & Kindergarten), Young Heroes (1st-4th grades), and The Edge (5th & 6th grades). Our Kids Building houses school-age children, while infants and toddlers meet in the building adjacent to the main sanctuary. One of our friendly volunteers would be more than happy to serve you, and help you get your kids settled into the right classroom(s).

Each service, kids excitedly enter CCM looking forward to seeing the new friends they made the week before, learning new dance moves during worship, seeing their favorite Bible stories brought to life through fun skits, and of course, playing dodgeball at game time. With high-energy worship, fun games and crafts, and dynamic biblical teachings, CCM kids have a great time while learning how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Don't take our word for it, take theirs!


Why do you love coming to church?

“Because God is here and I love God!” -Jeremiah, age 5

“So I can worship God.” -Anthony, age 11

“Because I learn about God,” -Shyanne, age 8

“We celebrate Jesus, the music is great, and I like hanging out with my friends!” -David, age 11

"I show God that I love him.” -David, age 9

“Because it’s fun and we play on the swings!” -Cheyenne, age 5

“So I can learn about the Bible.” -Rayana, age 10

“I like the worshipping and songs.” -Katie, age 5

Special Needs Ministry

Our Special Needs Ministry is designed specifically to help introduce your child to Christ in a loving environment and at an appropriate level for your child to learn and understand. While your child is in Kids' Ministry, you will be able to attend the church service without worry because your child will be cared for by loving teachers trained in the basics in caring for special needs children. 

The classroom setting is open and very flexible. We have numerous items to stimulate and educate at the same time. We try to keep our teacher to student ratios low so that each child can get all the personal attention they need. Each child has different needs and we do our best to address them individually. Our teachers are not experts, but they make up for it in love and prayer for your child. Their great desire is to teach your child about the love of Jesus.

At our Melbourne campus, we currently offer Kids' Special Needs class during the 10:45am Sunday service. We also offer a Teen Special Needs class during the 10:45am Sunday Service, and an Adult Special Needs class during the 8:30am Sunday service. 

At our Viera campus, we currently offer a buddy-system inclusion style setting from infants to 12 years old during the 8:30am Sunday service.

If you are new to our Special Needs Ministry and coming for the first time, please call ahead to discuss your child’s needs so we are prepared in the best way possible to minister to your child.

For more information please call the church office at 321.952.9673  or email Debbie Lucas.

The Edge Community Groups

As part of The Edge we've introduced Community Groups where our 5th & 6th graders can meet in a more relaxed environment at a leaders home. Here they can focus on building relationships with their Edge leaders and other children their age. These relationships allow the children to develop a feeling of safety and security which open them up to be more comfortable sharing and talking about their daily struggles, successes, and their walk with the Lord. It is our desire that these groups would aid in fostering an environment in which our children can deepen their relationship with Jesus and become bold witnesses for Him.

Visit our groups page to sign-up for one of our Edge community groups by using seach term "Edge".