Nominated in Florida Today for Best Burger in Brevard County, Common Grounds Café is a volunteer driven food service ministry dedicated to connecting people to one another and God through service. Conveniently located at both CCM’s Melbourne and Viera campuses, we offer both hot and cold specialty drinks, open grill cooking, school lunches, and catering as well as daily specials. Common Grounds Café seeks to encompass the words in Psalms 133:1 “How good it is when God’s people live together in unity.” 

Melbourne Daily Specials

Weekday Lunch Special

Monday - Friday 11am-1pm
Daily Salad/Hot Bar available for Lunch!!
Call or stop by the Cafe to check the feature item(s) of the day.
321-952-9673 and ask for Common Grounds Cafe)

Sunday Morning Service Special

Breakfast Hot/Cold Bar featuring Eggs, Grits, French Toast Casserole, Fresh Fruit & more!


“I have had a wonderful time working with Calvary’s Lunch program (worked there since it started). Loved working with our educated Christians of the future. I watched as they started at CCA (Calvary Chapel Academy) and when they graduated on to High School. It was a great experience”.
-Anne Miller

"You never know who will walk through the door or what someone will be looking for when they do. I know that my husband first came because CCM offers breakfast and an environment that is comfortable and welcoming.  Had it not been for the Common Grounds Café and the food served, my husband may still not have a relationship with the Lord.  It is through the open door and breakfast that his life was changed and he accepted Jesus!"
-Tifani Gordon

"In June of 2004 my wife began attending Calvary Chapel and recommitted her life to Jesus Christ; this caused extreme tension in our marriage/home.  In September of 2004 my wife (after several failed attempts) finally convinced me to attend a service with the lure of a few factors. Two of them were: 1) We would not have to enter a Sanctuary (which is extremely scary for many people at first, including me) 2) there would be FOOD; food I could eat right there while she was watching service. I haven't stopped attending service since, and gave my life to Jesus at the Christmas Eve service that year. After that I came to work at the café as a Chef in July of 2005. This year marks 9 years with Common Grounds Cafe… It was food that drew me in. Jesus performed a miracle, where he fed 5,000 people with 2 fish and 5 loaves. He still uses food today to change people’s lives."
-Bobby Lewis

Hours of Operation

 Monday7:45am - 7pm
7:30am - 7pm
 Tuesday7:45am - 7pm
7:30am - 7pm
 Wednesday 7:45am - 9pm
7:30am - 8:30pm
 Thursday 7:45am - 7pm
7:30am - 2pm
 Friday 7:45am - 7pm
 Saturday 4pm - 8:30pm
 4:30pm - 8:30pm
 Sunday 7:30am - 1pm
 7:00am - 1pm

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