Turbulence Ahead!

In Boquete, Panama there are a lot of outdoor activities that couples can enjoy together. There are hiking trails to lost waterfalls, hot springs, bird watching trails, coffee tours and we are even home to the country’s longest zip line at 4.5 kilometers with 12 different cables. God has blessed this country with both beauty and excitement. However, the activity I believe is most relevant to this week’s teaching is the white water rafting.

In white water rafting, parts of the journey are slow and one can relax and enjoy the scenery. But eventually, the white water rapids come with all the speed and turbulence. In our marriages there are periods of great joy and times of turbulence. It’s our intimacy with our spouse, our closeness and, security, that will keep us in the raft during the difficult times.

In whitewater rafting there is a guide that sits in the back of the boat directing the people with the oars. In marriage Jesus is the third person in your raft. You and your spouse are to have an intimate relationship with each other. With Jesus, it’s much easier to traverse through the rough waters as a team. If you are rowing in one direction and your spouse decides to row in a different direction, no one is going anywhere. You both need to be rowing in the same direction.
Your guide help you anchor yourself in the raft during the rough water. Couples who strive to be obedient to the Lord are anchored in their faith which makes falling out of their raft far less likely.
Marriage is a soft target for Satan. Some of the most difficult times in our marriage have been when we are trying to step out in faith and impact the world for Jesus. We have found our marriage under attack shortly before going on short term mission trips. Satan loves to try and take our focus off of Jesus and place it on worldly distractions. The year before we moved to Panama it seemed Satan launched a major offensive. The only way we were able to get through it was by spending time together in prayer and remaining anchored in our faith. Don’t let Satan rock your boat.

God designed marriage for spiritual, relational and sexual intimacy. We need to strive to maintain a balance in all of these areas. It is most important that if one of these areas is lacking, we stay in our raft with our spouse and work together to restore the balance. Resist the temptation to climb into someone else’s raft where you’ll find yourself in a new raft with the same problems. Marriage, like everything else, in life is a work in progress. Our God is a loving God and He designed marriage for our enjoyment. To have someone to share in the adventure of life is truly one of God’s richest blessings.

(Debbie Worzalla)
Scripture references from NIV unless otherwise noted.

Based on Because God Says So, I Will Do Marriage, Family, and Dating God’s Way Week 3 on February 18th, 2017 - Watch Sermon

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