Who Is Your Authority?

God’s authority is evident to me each and every day. I can see it in the beauty of a magnificent sunrise over the ocean or the gentle breezes rustling through the trees. There have been times I have been so in awe of the beauty of God’s creation that when I try to capture what my eyes see with the lens of a camera I find it just can't be replicated onto film. One night, while my husband and I were walking over the causeway, we saw a huge beautiful full moon with rays of light dancing on the surface of the water. It captured the attention of several other walkers who were trying to photograph the image on their cell phones. Scenes such as this just can't be reproduced accurately on film. Only God can create such a beautiful vision. I haven’t witnessed anything made by man that can compare to the works of God’s hands. I am excited that I get to call the Creator of heaven and earth, the one who has authority over all things, my Father.

It’s a crazy world in which we live and it can seem like each day brings more chaos. The media regularly reports stories of mass shootings, murders, and incidents of road rage. I believe the root cause of much of the violence is selfishness. There are people who have an exaggerated sense of self importance. We can become numb to the violence and feel insecure in our surroundings. But this is not the way Christ wants us to live. If we live under our own authority, we are truly living in bondage. The only way to real freedom is by submitting to God’s authority and obeying His rules. Jesus came to bind the broken-hearted and set the captives free!

We don’t have to fear a world in chaos, God is always in control. When we put Him in the driver’s seat, we will see the chaos become order. Our life will no longer be empty, but will have meaning and purpose. When we choose to walk with God, we discover that He is a good, good Father Who loves to give generously to His children.

There are only two choices in life: We can fall on the stone and confess that we are sinners in need God’s forgiveness, or we can have the stone fall on us by refusing to repent of our sins and face God’s judgement. Remember, God’s goal is always restoration. He loves us so much. Won’t you say yes to Him today?

(Debbie Worzalla)
Scripture references from NIV unless otherwise noted.

Based on The Authority and Patience of God on June 24th, 2017 - Watch Sermon

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