The Art of Small Talk

You know that awkward feeling that comes over you when you step into an elevator with one or two strangers after the door slowly closes? Maybe you smile and say, “hi,” but after that everyone just stares at the numbers, hoping to get to their chosen floor quickly. Those 20 seconds or so always feel like forever. I’m uncomfortable about small talk.

When chit-chat is necessary, I usually go to my generic fail safe: the weather. Everyone can add input about the weather. I do have a few friends, though, who are great at meaningful small talk, just walking right up to anyone and are into conversation about personal things, without any awkward pauses or hesitation. Though I believe those people are gifted by God to do such things, I also believe that we all ought to learn a lesson from them about small talk with God.

I recently went through a time with God where my relationship felt dull and disconnected. He began to help me realize that though I was praying throughout my day, my prayers were very one sided. I needed to develop my relationship with Him instead of just firing away requests all day long.

In a world where people are increasingly isolating themselves and living vicariously through social media instead of relating face to face, we are in danger of losing the social skills necessary for real relationships, including the one between ourselves and God.

Like it or not, the only solution is to slow down and take time to really get to know others, and especially God. I read my Bible to learn God’s personality and instructions. I take time to sing worship songs to Him and acknowledge His handiwork in creation around me (for example, if I see a squirrel do something funny, I stop and talk to God about it). He saw it too, and perhaps it tickled Him like it did me. It may sound strange, but by deliberately thinking about and talking to God about other things than my “prayer requests” helps me to have a rounded-out view of His love and personality. In doing this I feel more like I am Who He says I am: HIS CHILD.

Think about it. Let it sink in. Psalm 37:4 tells us to delight ourselves in the Lord, and He will give us what our heart desires. What does it mean for you personally to delight yourself in the Lord? He put your personality into you because it pleased Him to do so. Now use that personality to glorify God today!

(Hilly Irvin)
Scripture references from NIV unless otherwise noted.

Based on Prayers and Thanks for a Healthy, Growing Church on January 26th, 2019 - Watch Sermon