Excited for Godly Discipline

Security, success, friends, power, influence, happiness. When you read that list, what comes to your mind first as the source for those things? The devil would have us believe money and worldly power are our source. We know that’s not true on a grand scale because God is the only true, lasting source for these things. But let’s look inside our thoughts to see if we truly live the way we answered. 

I always thought of myself as a cheerful giver, but God has shown me that’s not entirely true. I do cheerfully give, in the areas that I enjoy giving. But in other areas, I grip my money tightly and sometimes, I even have a bitter attitude towards things God wants me to give happily. 

As I listened to the sermon about the shrewd manager (Luke 16:1-15) and the Holy Spirit revealed this undesirable truth to me about myself, I got excited. You may wonder why in the world would I be thrilled to be told by God that I am putting money above Him in certain instances? Two reasons: First, because after all the years I’ve been a follower of Jesus, I still become overwhelmed and amazed when He takes the time to speak clearly to my heart about something. The God of the whole universe knows me and loves me so much that when I’m out of line, He personally points it out so that I will not be deceived.

The second reason? When I look back on my history with God, if He points out where I’m outside of His plan for me, I can be confident that He’s about to help me fix it. He has never told me He wants me to change a behavior and then left me alone to figure it out on my own. I am very confident that He will complete the good work that He began in me (Philippians 1:6). Hallelujah!

I encourage you, TODAY, to stay in step with Jesus. Pray often that He would search your heart and help you to follow His plan for you (Psalm 139:23-24). When He highlights an area that needs change, it’s because He’s answering your prayer to be sanctified. Be thankful and confident as you obey and allow Him to help you change. He will bring you into a higher level of spiritual maturity, so that you can help others. What a wonderful Father we have!!

(Holly Irvin)
Scripture references from NIV unless otherwise noted.

Based on Investing Our Life on May 4th, 2019 - Watch Sermon