There is Power in God's Word

Honesty time! Like most people, I have struggled having a steady quiet time throughout my life. There’s been times when I’ve desired to be in God’s Word every day, sometimes twice a day, and then there’s been times when it was the furthest thing from my mind. But one thing I’ve noticed and learned along the way is that my mental health is directly related to my time in God’s Word. I’ve always struggled with mental health, from self-esteem, confidence, depression, anxiety, OCD, and probably every other thing you can think of. So, when I am not in God’s Word on a regular basis my mind tends to go to dark places.

But I have found that there’s a power in God’s Word that is like nothing else. Every time in my life when I’ve been struggling, I’ll turn to so many different things to “feel better,” but nothing calms my mind or casts away the darkness like God’s Word. When you fill your mind with the promises of God and the truth, He says about you, there isn’t room for the lies of Satan, the lies the world tells you, or even the lies you tell yourself.

In a book I’ve been reading there’s a chapter that says no one can make you feel anything, it’s you who chooses to feel that way. Now, when you struggle with a diabolical mind that’s constantly striving to find something wrong with you, this really isn’t something you want to hear. You want to blame the other people for making you angry or annoyed or hate this or that about yourself. But in all reality, they didn’t do anything, really.

I’m still trying to grasp this concept, but the key takeaway is that when God’s Word is flowing through me, the Holy Spirit is empowering me. Then there’s nowhere for the darkness to hide. It’s been cast away by the light of God’s promises. So, I’m digging into God’s Word because I want to be so filled with His light that there’s no room for the darkness of Satan’s schemes. Amen!

(Sarah Sullivan)
Scripture references from NIV unless otherwise noted.

Based on Come Apart or Come Apart Part 3 on June 8th, 2019 - Watch Sermon