Moving Forward, No Looking Back

The Bible tells us that we are free in this passing world and that we should not let temporary things enslave us; they can delay our progress to achieve what God has for us, our Salvation! 

Many times, we say ‘my eyes are on you Jesus,’ but if we are sincere, we constantly look back, lamenting the things we lost. Many times, God removes these things from our lives because they delay us or stop us. 

This weekend some verses captivated my attention: Matthew 24:17-18: Whoever is on the rooftop does not come down to take anything from his house. And whoever is in the field does not return to look for his cloak. Jesus tells us not to make any unnecessary efforts for things that have no eternal value and instead, we run forward. I start thinking, what things in my life today are slowing my progress? 

God has promised to take me to the finish line. He has promised to finish the work that He began in my life (Philippians 1: 6) and promises He will fulfill it. Now I have a part in all this, which is to keep moving forward and not let temporary things slow my progress and my spiritual growth. God desires to take us to the final goal and will do so, even when there are stones, trials and little tribulations on the road. It doesn’t mean that you are not advancing, only that Jesus is preparing you on the road for the glorious and final destination.
Today, we remember that Jesus is the way to the Father and that He wants us to travel without burdens. So, don't let anything delay you, keep moving forward, leave things that have no value and run the race that has been drawn for your life. Remember the destination has not changed (Heaven!) You will see Jesus one day, face to face! How glorious that Day will be, Hallelujah!

(Ramon Rodriguez)
Scripture references from NIV unless otherwise noted.

Based on The Unholy Trinity, the Tribulation, and God’s Judgment on August 31st, 2019 - Watch Sermon