Practice Makes Eternity

Shoulders back, elbows in, heels down; A slew of conflicting emotions play within me. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m anxious, fearful, elated, overwhelmed!

I’m about to put my hours, days, months, and years of practice and preparation on the line. Here I am, awaiting a moment of either sublime success or my deepest failure. The sound of horse hooves hitting the ground fills the silence around me. Standing at the gate, with a crowd of other horses and riders, much too close to my horses’ rump, I wait for my que to enter the ring. With movements you’d have to be looking for in order to see, I signal my horse to walk on.

One day, very soon, we’ll all have the defining moment of our lives. We’ll gather together from every nation, encircling the throne of God, offering our worship, adoration, love and thanksgiving. We’ll sing melodies more beautiful than have ever been heard. We’ll bow, we’ll shout, and we’ll worship!

But until that day, we have moments right now, preparing us for the moment when we’ll worship our King forever. Each day, as we exercise the discipleship of worshipping our King, we get to ‘practice’ what we’ll one-day experience for all eternity. As we worship, we truly get a glimpse of the beauty of His holiness. It is so much more delightful than dutiful! Sure, some days are harder than others, but once we enter into worship for Him, the pleasure and sheer joy of His presence displaces all the worries and fears this world brings.

A taste of heaven is waiting for you and me. Practice eternity today. Worship the King!

Megan Berckhemer
Scripture references from NIV unless otherwise noted.

Based on Guard the Truth on September 28th, 2019 - Watch Sermon