CCM Homeschool Ministry Used Curriculum Sale

CCM Homeschool Ministry Used Curriculum Sale

All Campuses Welcome

CCM Homeschool Ministry 
Used Curriculum Sale
May 22, 2019
10am - 12pm
All Campuses Welcome 
Melbourne Campus
Cafe Dining Room

Why buy new when you can buy used? Our Used Curriculum Sale is a great opportunity for homeschoolers to bring in their used books and sell as well as see what others are selling. You'll get a chance to look through a wide variety of books and ask questions to those who have already worked through them, gaining insight and saving money - it's a win-win!

Anyone is welcome to attend. If you'd like a table to sell items the cost is FREE for CCHM Members or $10 for non-members. Register for your table below.


If you have questions, please email Brenda.