What about my mobile device? Can I view the broadcast on there as well?

There are two mobile phone devices we currently support - iPhone and Android devices. To access our mobile streaming services, head to our website on your mobile device. Click on the live streaming option when it becomes available and get ready to watch the service!

Can I watch on my iPad?

Yes! Just navigate to our live streaming page just as you would do it on a desktop computer.

I can't get the live service working on my Android device. What's the deal?

Due to the nature of the Android platform, the end user experience can be very different from one phone or tablet to another. Some carriers block or limit certain type of network traffic, which can disable or limit the ability to watch our services live. At the moment, it's beyond our capability to be able to test every Android device our there, and we apologize if you can't watch the service on your phone. 

I can't see the service - what do I do?

Chances are we're aware of the problem and we're already on our way to fixing it, as we monitor every service we broadcast over the internet. If, however, you feel the need to send us a note to let us know the problem, head over to our contact us section.

I know the streaming is working but it won't work on my computer.

It's possible something on your computer is blocking the live broadcast (i.e. your firewall), or something on the network you're using is blocking it (i.e. your trying to view the service on a government network). Anti-virus software can also cause this to happen. Send us a note about the problem you're experiencing and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.