God's heart for you is growth and desire to see you flourish

Praise God, Bless God

As an older man, David writes what it means to live a life blessed by God in all times. Whether living in the fields or in the palace, David learned a great need for His soul: to bless the Lord. The praise that flows out of this beautiful masterpiece of biblical poetry is David giving us a detailed look at how he survived – by praise, by worship, by blessing the Lord

The Spirit of Praise Everyday

When we put our faith in God, we have more reason to praise Him rather than do things without him and give God Him no praise at all.

Thanksgiving Eve

In this Thanksgiving message, we learn that the heart man has a choice. Man can choose to have an attitude of gratitude. Jesus can do anything through a heart that is filled with gratitude and thanks. When was the last time you thanked the Lord for who He is and not what He can do? Listen in and learn from one leper and one thankful heart.

Knowing God as Our Forgiver

Today’s message will teach us 6 practical ways to avoid falling into sin when we are tempted. As we study the life of King David we will learn about the character of God. He forgives and restores our lives if our hearts truly repent and turn away from sin.

A Practical Manual for Life

Join us as we learn how the wise respond to evil, David helps us learn to grow in our Faith as we look at the age old question " Why the wicked seem to prosper and the good often suffer ". We will learn about God's bigger plan within Psalm 37 are rich insights for finding Joy ,and ridding yourself of negative thinking.