Learning to live a transformed life can only come from consistently walking close with Jesus. Discover the life of Jesus for who He is and how He called us to not only be the church, but to be an effective church that will reach everyone around us.

Don't Hurry to Worry

What do you worry about most in life? Don't let the worries of the world take over and consume your thoughts. God's word instructs us to give our burdens to Him.

Treasure Worth Finding

Jesus said for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also be. Listen in to todays teaching as we learn how to keep our priorities aimed and storing up treasure in heaven rather than on earthly things that will fade away.

3 Greatest Disciplines of Every Believer

Have you ever thought, is there a right way to pray? Can there be a wrong way? Is my money solely my money or does Jesus have something to say about this? Why should I fast and when? Today’s teaching we will learn about 3 of the greatest disciplines in every believers life.

Night of Hope

Couples share their struggles and have a Q&A.