Learning to live a transformed life can only come from consistently walking close with Jesus. Discover the life of Jesus for who He is and how He called us to not only be the church, but to be an effective church that will reach everyone around us.

Principals for Daily Life

God promises that we will be blessed if we follow His teachings and we realize our spiritual bankruptcy and have the correct estimate of oneself but this won't be easy. God knows that being who He wants us to be is not the way the world acts. To be blessed is to be more than happy, being blessed is being full of joy on the inside even if things aren't perfect we will have trials and suffer for His sake. It's a deeper joy because we know, as believers, that the spirit of God lives in us and we will live with

Transcendent Plans

Our lives are filled with interruptions, inconveniences, frustrations, and unexpected changes. God uses these moments for transformation. It might be difficult to see God’s divinely laid plans at first, but God is giving many opportunities to grow in grace and have full reliance in Him. Rather than give us a life of ease, He interrupts our lives and with His magnificent plans to make us more like Christ!

Temptation – What’s Your Button?

Every person will experience temptations, Jesus was no different. Join us as we follow Jesus and see how He avoided Satan’s tactics of temptation. You will learn 5 biblical and practical ways to avoid falling into temptation.

Why Baptism?

Many people are confused about baptism depending on our upbringing our religious affiliation. Jesus has something to say about baptism. However he not only spoke about it, but he demonstrated it in His own life that it may be an example to every believer.

Real Christian?

As Christ followers, lets be a voice of hope and share the Good News, help people find Jesus, and his forgiveness.