Going through the book of 1 Samuel, we will learn about God helping us in our difficulties with people, our everyday life struggles, our spiritual battles and our successes. As we go through various challenges in life, we can chose to go through these independently, on our own, or with God helping us. We will be learning lots from the life of David about the faithfulness of God in the ups and downs of life.

God Wants Us to: Know, Feel, Do

Those who go about God’s work in God’s way shall be directed step by step

Devoted and Duty

Do do things because we have to, or because we want to? What makes the difference?

Poor Planning

Make sure WE give God credit when he works in OUR lives

Hope in Dark Days

Our confidence is that we serve a God who has already stepped in to save. May we be people of prayer, of action, may we be seeking after God’s own heart. But more than anything else, may we have our trust and confidence squarely in Jesus.

Idols Will Fall

God wants the best for us and having a healthy fear of the Lord is best