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Real Christian?

As Christ followers, lets be a voice of hope and share the Good News, help people find Jesus, and his forgiveness.
Mark Balmer

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Why Baptism?

Many people are confused about baptism depending on our upbringing our religious affiliation. Jesus has something to say about baptism. However he not only spoke about it, but he demonstrated it in His own life that it may be an example to every believer.
David Kloos

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Temptation – What’s Your Button?

Every person will experience temptations, Jesus was no different. Join us as we follow Jesus and see how He avoided Satan’s tactics of temptation. You will learn 5 biblical and practical ways to avoid falling into temptation.
David Kloos

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Transcendent Plans

Our lives are filled with interruptions, inconveniences, frustrations, and unexpected changes. God uses these moments for transformation. It might be difficult to see God’s divinely laid plans at first, but God is giving many opportunities to grow in grace and have full reliance in Him. Rather than give us a life of ease, He interrupts our lives and with His magnificent plans to make us more like Christ!
Joey Everington

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Principals for Daily Life

God promises that we will be blessed if we follow His teachings and we realize our spiritual bankruptcy and have the correct estimate of oneself but this won't be easy. God knows that being who He wants us to be is not the way the world acts. To be blessed is to be more than happy, being blessed is being full of joy on the inside even if things aren't perfect we will have trials and suffer for His sake. It's a deeper joy because we know, as believers, that the spirit of God lives in us and we will live with
Craig Szeman

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Salt & Light - Agents of Change

What is our purpose? What is our calling? We are called to be agents of change in this world. We are called to be Salt to the decay. We have been given the authority of Light to walk scatter the dark.
Joey Everington

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Jesus - The Great Substitute

Are you trusting in your own works for salvation? In this teaching we will see Jesus addressing the hearts of every person of the crowd front of him. What Jesus will tell them is that their salvation and eternity with God is not based and found in their works or their own righteous. Salvation can only be found in Jesus. Join us as we discover how not to get sidetracked in our thinking about our own salvation.
David Kloos

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Murder Starts in the Heart

Comiting murder is not just a physical act, in this teaching we will see Jesus confront the religous leaders & their view on one of the 10 commandments. As Christ followers we must understand that God's standard of living is different than man's wisdom. Is it possible we commit murder in our own hearts?
David Kloos

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Guardrails for Marriage

Is there a difference between physically committing adultery, and committing adultery with your heart? Join us as we learn how Jesus will define adultery and give us biblical and practical ways to safeguard our marriages.
David Kloos

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Healthy Marriages from the Inside Out

As we continue our series on Biblical foundations for marriage we learn that God designed marriage to be between husband and wife. Marriage is meant to be forever, till death do us part. In this teaching, we will understand God’s biblical, and practical ways to keep our marriages healthy from the inside out. .
David Kloos

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Night of Hope

Couples share their struggles and have a Q&A.
David Kloos

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3 Greatest Disciplines of Every Believer

Have you ever thought, is there a right way to pray? Can there be a wrong way? Is my money solely my money or does Jesus have something to say about this? Why should I fast and when? Today’s teaching we will learn about 3 of the greatest disciplines in every believers life.
David Kloos

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Treasure Worth Finding

Jesus said for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also be. Listen in to todays teaching as we learn how to keep our priorities aimed and storing up treasure in heaven rather than on earthly things that will fade away.
David Kloos

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Don't Hurry to Worry

What do you worry about most in life? Don't let the worries of the world take over and consume your thoughts. God's word instructs us to give our burdens to Him.
David Kloos

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God is the Real Judge

Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
Craig Szeman

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Available God

Every Believer in Jesus is a VIP. We have an ALL ACCESS pass to God 24/7.
David Kloos

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Gospel Revealed

Gospel Revealed
David Kloos

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God's Judgement of Us

Jesus closed His sermon on the mount by picturing two builders and their houses. Jesus describes the two builders one wise and one foolish , one hears God's word and does what it says and is called wise building his foundation on the Rock the foundation of obedience to God's word.
Craig Szeman

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I Need Indeed

Pastor Kloos speaks on the miracle of the healing power and blessing of Jesus.
David Kloos

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It Will Cost You Everything

It’s easy for all of us to call ourselves Christians simply because we go to church when we feel like it. However in this lesson by pastor David Kloos you will see that Jesus teaches a whole different perspective that He requires His disciples to follow. It will cost you everything to be a “follower of Christ” Listen in and discover how to live a life that pleases Jesus.
David Kloos

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Life in the Fast Lane

Listen in to this teaching as Jesus will answer the numerous questions we all have about fasting. What is fasting? Why should do we fast?When should we fast? How should we fast? What are the right reasons to fast?
David Kloos

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Responding to Jesus

Jesus is restoring the broken not only did Jesus heal,He also taught and preached. The people respond to Jesus with 3 different responses. The emphasized response is on proper faith the belief that we should have in Jesus and the blessings that come to us through that faith.
Craig Szeman

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The Greatest Calling
Matthew 10:1-31

Do you know God’s purpose for your life? Do you know what the greatest calling I your life is? Jesus calls ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things for Him. In this teaching we will learn 10 key essentials to help you walk in God’s will and fulfill his specific purpose for your life.
David Kloos

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Sticker Shock: When Jesus gets Real
Matthew 10:32-42

What is the cost of following Jesus? What is the truth about discipleship? Jesus first calls us to be transformed. Transformation is a change from the inside out. Be ready for the Spirit to lead us into great changes!
Joey Everington

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Matthew 11:1-19

Being a Christ Follower requires a focused lifetime of commitment. But can we be committed even when we have doubts? Can we still be committed if we know there will be a cost for believing what we believe? Listen to this weeks teaching and discover how you and I can be committed no matter what we face.
David Kloos

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Time Never Wasted
Matthew 11:20-30

Have you ever poured an incredible amount of your time into a hobby, a sport, or perhaps a project? Have you been so committed to something that you expect a great result in return? In this teaching we will discover that Jesus expected a different result than one he received from the people in Capernaum. Time is never wasted when it is spent on people.
David Kloos

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Laws, Laws, Laws!
Matthew 12:1-14

The bible was given to us to know God. All of the word of God shapes our lives. Listen in as pastor Ryan shares of the importance of both the old testament and the new testament. We can make the mistake of believing that one is more valuable than the other or that the old testament is outdated. But the Law was never meant for religious legalism, the Law was given so that God would come first in our lives. Join us as we learn how important a relationship with Jesus is founded on both the old and new testament.
Ryan Maschhoff

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The Good One, The Bad and Ugly Ones and the Evil One
Matthew 12:15-32

All of us go through seasons where we struggle or have unexpected trials that come are way. What do we do when that happens? Listen in as pastor Mike shares that Jesus is our source of hope in troubled times. Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. When the going gets tough the closer to God we need to be.
Mike Braun

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Time for a Spiritual Checkup
Matthew 12:33-50

In this teaching Jesus is going to give us a spiritual checkup. We will learn the difference between bearing good fruit or bad fruit. As believers the world will identify who we are by our words and our actions. John 15:8 This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. Can you be identified as one of Jesus’s disciples? Listen in as we learn how to grow in our walk and bear good fruit.
David Kloos

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Transformed by the Sower and the Seed
Matthew 13:1-30

Have you ever wondered if you are really saved or not? Jesus taught many parables all throughout the bible. Listen in as pastor Mike will teach on the seed which is the word of God, the gospel message and the seed which is the word of God or the gospel message and how it truly takes root in our hearts. Be encouraged! You can know that you are truly saved.
Mike Braun

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2020 Clear Vision
Isaiah 43:18-19

Where there is no vision, the people perish -Proverbs 29:18. It is important that you and I have vision for our lives. But how do we know what the best plan is for our lives? It’s simple, ask God? The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to seek God for direction for 2020. Listen in and hear how to discover God’s plan.
David Kloos

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Where Are You Planted
Matthew 13:31-35

Do you know that you are valuable to God? He wants to use you to influence others all around you both in and outside the church. In this lesson, you will discover 3 things. God plants you in your church for a reason. God wants to use your gifts He gave you. And finally you will learn that God wants us to walk in faith and know our purpose.
David Kloos

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Fake Christianity
Matthew 13:36-46

In this lesson of the parable of the weeds we learn how God and God alone will divide His true people from false believers at the end of time. There are 4 ways we can learn what a “true believer” looks like and how we can identify the difference between a “true believer’ from a “fake Christian?”
David Kloos

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Sightseer or Citizen
Matthew 13:47-58

Are you a Citizen of Heaven? Or tourist passing through the church? In this passage we discover what kind of expectation Christ builds in the hearts of those who are truly Citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Joey Everington

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Cross or Comfort
Matthew 14:1-12

As we walk through the Book of Matthew, we are set on the tragedy of the murder of John the Baptist. It can be easy to measure our success by our circumstances. In this teaching, we see the path laid out for the people of God to be more concerned with our comfort or the cross.
Joey Everington

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All Loving, All Knowing, All Possible God
Matthew 14:13-21

At one time or another we will all are faced with a situation that seems impossible. The question is, what do we do? In this passage we’ll see Jesus take what seems to be impossible situations and make them possible. As Christ followers we have open access to the all loving, all knowing, all possible God! Go to Him and trust Him with whatever outcome He directs. Know that He wants nothing but the best for His people...that’s Him! Point: When faced with an impossible situation bring it to our all possible God and trust Him with the outcome!
Mike Braun

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Transformation by Appointment
Matthew 15:21-23

<p class="xmsonormal" style="margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt"><span style="font-size:12.0pt">Jesus has an encounter with a Canaanite woman who seeks him out<span style="color:black">. </span>But this passage does not seem like a typical Jesus response, does it? Join us to discover how Jesus is guiding us through transformation in our tragedy, by the triumph of His presence. </span></p>
Joey Everington

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You are the God of Great Wonders
Matthew 15:29-31

We trust God to provide because he is the God of great wonders.
Craig Szeman

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Choices, What Do You Want? Seek Service Over a Throne
Matthew 20:17-24

What kind of a Christ follower do you want to be? A Christ follower on a glory seat or a Christ follower of the cross?
Craig Szeman

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The Parable of the Two Sons
Matthew 21:28-32

God can turn any situation around. 
Ryan Maschhoff

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Are You Ready?
Matthew 25:1-13

Jesus reminded his disciples that the end of the age would come when He would return and bring all Christians home to Heaven. The days we are in are presenting biblical signs that this day Jesus is talking about is very near. Listen in as Pastor David and our guest speaker Carol DeBlasis unpacks this warning from Jesus. Get ready to laugh!
David Kloos

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Hypocrisy - 7 Ways to Avoid Being a Christian Hypocrite
Matthew 23

Have you ever called anyone a hypocrite? Why? Probably because they said one thing and their actions presented the opposite. In this teaching, Jesus will address the religious leaders about their hypocrisy. Join us to see 7 ways Christians can avoid being a religious hypocrite.
David Kloos

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The Life of Judas - Hated or Hero?
Matthew 26

Join us as we take a deep look into the Life of Judas. Jesus handpicked every one of His disciples at the beginning of His ministry. The question is, did Jesus choose Judas to fulfill prophecy, or was Judas a betrayer from the beginning? We will walk through the scriptures to get the answer. 
David Kloos

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Remembering Jesus
Matthew 26:17-30

As the year 2020 comes to a close, what is the most important thing that every Christ Follower needs to remember? Join us as we spend time remembering Jesus, His sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit. Listen and partake with us as we share in the last communion and pray us out of 2020.
David Kloos

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