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The Mission Continues
Acts 1:1-8

We need to be active for God until the day we die
Mark Balmer

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Stay Focused on Our Mission
Acts 1:4-26

Keep the Gospel of Jesus in focus
Mark Balmer

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One of God's Greatest Gifts
Acts 1:1-8

The Holy Spirit is a person we can relate to, commune with, and know personally.
Mark Balmer

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Followers of Jesus are Baptized – Filled with the Holy Spirit
Acts 2:1-11

God always has a perfect plan and perfect timing
Mark Balmer

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God's Answers to Man's Questions
Acts 2:41

God has the answer to all of man's questions. 
Mark Balmer

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A Spirit Filled, Impacting Church
Acts 2:42

Christ followers are filled with the Holy Spirit, so they can impact the world for Jesus.
Mark Balmer

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A Spirit Filled, Impacting Church Part 2
Acts 2:42-47

The church is not a building, but a body of believers who carry out the purposes of God on the earth. 
Mark Balmer

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Expect the Unexpected
Acts 3:1-11

Expect GOD to do the unexpected
Mark Balmer

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Lessons Learned from the Travels of Jesus
Matthew 2

Following Jesus will never lead you astray.
Mark Balmer

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Holidays, Happiness, and Renewed Hope
Luke 24:14-27

Rest in God's promises of hope for every situation
Dave Barnes

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Seeing What God Sees
Acts 3:12-26

Repent, believe in Jesus, and turn to God
Mark Balmer

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The Spiritual Domino Effect Expands God's Kingdom
Acts 4:1-22

The power of ONE impacts the world for Christ.
Mark Balmer

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Who Is In Control?
Acts 4:23-31

Do you try and control your life or do you allow God to do what only He can do?
Mark Balmer

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No One Can Fool God
Acts 4:32-5:11

God knows our motives, our desires, and our hearts. We cannot fool God. 
Mark Balmer

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Our Unstoppable God
Acts 5:11-29

Our unstoppable God is in total control
Mark Balmer

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The Urgency of Continuing to Share the Gospel
Acts 5:19-42

Three reasons we must be sharing the good news with urgency: 1) People are searching for purpose and meaning in their lives, 2) Death is sure but unpredictable, and 3) Satan has a goal to steal, kill, and destroy.
Mark Balmer

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Man's Problems and God's Solutions
Acts 6:1-7

One of the biggest problems in our lives is division
Mark Balmer

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Big Steps of Faith
Acts 6:8-15

Live a life of big steps of faith and not regrets
Mark Balmer

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Learning from History
Acts 7:1-15

The Bible tells us that every Christ Follower needs to learn from Biblical history
Mark Balmer

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Following God Enables Us to Enjoy His Promises
Acts 7

Learn to enjoy God's promises, no matter the circumstances
Mark Balmer

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Moving Forward in 2020
Acts 8

What Satan means for bad; God uses for good.
Mark Balmer

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What Does a Church on the Move Look Like?
Acts 8

A church on the move is expanding the Kingdom of God
Mark Balmer

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Many of God's Gifts are Contagious
Acts 8:9-25

To have a personal relationship with God is the greatest gift any person could ever receive. 
Mark Balmer

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Life's Wisest Question
Acts 8:26-30

When man was created , God gave man a free will to choose. Man could choose God’s will or choose chose His own will. Life is a journey and man can choose God’s path or His own path. Learn what question to ask God to follow his will.
Mark Balmer

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You Matter to God
Acts 8:26-40

By asking God for His wisdom, we are saying, "God, I want your will and not my will in this decision." Ask, "God, what do you want me to do?" Listen for God's answer and choose to obey God's leading. 
Mark Balmer

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Learning From God in Difficult, Changing Times
Acts 8

Our world has changed drastically and impacted millions of people with: Fear, anxiety, loss of hope, depression, frustrated, and uncertainty. Today we will learn from God how to be changed spiritually for the BETTER.
Mark Balmer

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It's Not Possible - Or Is It?
Acts 9:1-19

Saul heads into Damascus in a completely different way than he had planned. We see a picture of God’s grace and discover nothing is impossible with God
Mark Balmer

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Using Change to Grow Spiritually
Acts 9:17-31

The greatest change is a person's life is to become a Christ Follower
Mark Balmer

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God Loves to Encourage Us
Acts 9:22-43

God loves to encourage us.
Mark Balmer

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God Teaches Peter, Cornelius, and Us Key Truths
Acts 10:1-23

God wants all of his disciples to help expand the Kingdom of God
Mark Balmer

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A Turning Point in History - God's Mission Expands
Acts 10:9-48

God is a personal God and speaks to us all of the time. 
Mark Balmer

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Doing Life God's Way by Accepting Changes
Acts 11

If we obey and rely and God, His hand will be upon us.
Mark Balmer

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God Provides Victory for Today
Luke 5:1-11

We are more than conquerors through Jesus's power
TJ Buckingham

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All-Knowing God is Our Way Maker
Acts 12:1-17

God sees our needs and loves to answer our prayers. 
Mark Balmer

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There is No Neutral Ground with God
Acts 12:18-24

If you follow Jesus, then you are for God. If you are following self, then you are against God.
Mark Balmer

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God's Plan, Our Venture: The Expansion of the Church
Acts 13:1-12

How to stay focused on the mission that God has given every Christ follower.
Mark Balmer

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Deciding to Believe God's Truth: His Word
Acts 13:13-39

We are reminded of the great opportunity we have to live by the truth of God's Word. 
Mark Balmer

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Enjoying God's Benefits of God's Living Word
Acts 13:38-52

God has put a real hunger for His Word in our lives. 
Mark Balmer

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Spiritual Surgery by God's Living Word is Good for Us
Hebrews 4:12

Man's real problems are spiritual and must be solved by spiritual means
Mark Balmer

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Obeying God's Word Grows Us to Be More Like Jesus
Matthew 28

God wants us to be more like Jesus
Mark Balmer

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Learning to Trust God in the Ups and Downs of Life
Acts 14:1-20

We can trust God in every aspect of our lives. He is with us through the good and the bad. 
Mark Balmer

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The Courage to Follow God Forward
Acts 14

God is on the move and has been using Christ followers to move forward with Him to share the gospel. 
Mark Balmer

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God Says, "Start Right and Finish Right"
Acts 14

All of us got started wrong, but with the redemptive love of Jesus we can all finish right. 
Mark Balmer

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Pause and Refocus on God's Priorities
Acts 14

Sometimes in life things are moving so fast that we lose focus on what really matters, on what is most important. 
Mark Balmer

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God Didn't Make Becoming a Christ Follower Difficult
Acts 15:1-31

What is required to become a Christ follower? 
Mark Balmer

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When Christ Followers Disagree
Acts 15

All Christ followers are imperfect, but God's grace is sufficient.
Mark Balmer

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Building A Stronger Spiritual Life
Acts 16

Satan wants to control our lives, but God wants to transform them.
Mark Balmer

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God, What Do You Want Me To Do?
Acts 16

We are not able to direct our lives. Only God is! 
Mark Balmer

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The Benefits of Hearing and Obeying
Acts 16:13-18

Listen, and you will hear God speak to you.
Mark Balmer

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The Benefits of Hearing and Obeying
Acts 16

When God speaks we listen and obey
Mark Balmer

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Turning the World Right Side Up
Acts 17:1-10

God will give every Christ follower a fulfilling life in every aspect
Mark Balmer

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Make the Bible Your Final Authority in Every Area of Life
Acts 17

Make the Bible the final authority in every area of life. 
Mark Balmer

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We Were Created to Worship Only God
Acts 17:17-21

True worship results in obedient service to God
Mark Balmer

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Let Me Introduce You to the One True Living God
Acts 17:18-34

God is the creator of everything. 
Mark Balmer

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