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5 Miracles That Brought Us the Cross
john 316

The cross is a miracle for you and for me and for all of mankind
David Kloos

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Thanks 2020?
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Paul encourages his readers to give thanks in all circumstances. Paul learned the meaning of true thanksgiving, even during great adversity. Thanks 2020? Many of us might not know what to be thankful for in this difficult year; however, we will learn 3 keys on how to give thanks in all circumstances and be encouraged to live a life of thanks-living for Christ.
Craig Szeman

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A Night to Know
Genesis 1

Have you ever had a biblical question that you have wanted to ask a pastor for clarification but never had a chance? Join us for a night committed to answering those biblical questions with all of our Sebastian campus pastors and one of our elders. We will be answering your questions live from the congregation on this night. This will be a fun night as we turn to the word to help guide us through every circumstance life brings.
David Kloos

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Resting in the Unrest
Colossians 1:13-17

We can all agree that 2020 has been a very weird and strange year. Our world has been rocked by uncertainty and unrest, but it’s a great reminder we must learn to rest in Jesus. We need to rest in Jesus because the future on earth is uncertain, but eternity with Him is not. 
Joey Everington

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Sebastian Prayer Culture Celebration 2021

It was always God’s desire for his people to come together and worship the one true God. Join us a we spend an evening of celebration as we wrap up 10 days of prayer and fasting with a time of worship, a word from our team of pastors, and a time of prayer.
David Kloos

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