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Everything Begins with Belief
Genesis 1:1-23

Christianity begins with belief. Salvation starts with believing not only the gospel, but that God truly exist. Join us as we start the book of Genesis and discover that God is our creator and Savior.
David Kloos

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The Hunt for the Image of God
Genesis 1:24-2:3

Have you ever wondered or wanted to know what God looks like? Would we know God if He passed by us or if He stood right next to us? Listen in as we uncover God’s creation of mankind. You will be surprised to discover what God really looks like. 
David Kloos

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Blueprint for a Lifetime
Genesis 2:5-25

Everything we need in life has already been thought of by our Creator. He had a plan from the beginning of time, to meet all of our needs. Listen as we discover that God’s perfect blueprint is designed for a lifetime.
David Kloos

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The Tactics of Satan
Genesis 3:1-24

In the life of every believer, we will at some point encounter opposition in our lives that come directly from Satan. How do we overcome deception, doubt, and lies that can hinder our joy, peace, and walk with Jesus? Listen in as we learn how to recognize the tactics of Satan.
David Kloos

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First Time for Everything in God's Kingdom Part 1
Genesis 4:1-10

There is a first time for everything in God's kingdom, it is important for us to remember God writes the story, and if we disregard God and try to do life on our own our story could end in tragedy. Sin will separate us from God and other, Jesus is our only hope of reconciliation. 
Craig Szeman

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First Time For Everything in God's Kingdom Part 2
Genesis 4:10-26

There is a first time for everything in God's kingdom, and we will learn there are two paths to take in life. One path will separate us from God , and people. The other path will bring us to a life of prayer , service, and submission to the will of God, like Abel right with God. 
Craig Szeman

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God's Blessings Turn Into God's Sorrow
Genesis 6:1-22

God's blessing to be fruitful and multiply soon became a curse, with the passing of time ungodly behavior, and sin increased. Now it has become clear that humanity was unwilling and unable to live out the responsibilities of stewardship of creation, causing God much sorrow. 
Craig Szeman

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Flood Insurance
Genesis 7:1-24

When we think of the "great flood" that destroyed all of mankind except one family, we may struggle to rationalize why would God do such a thing. Listen in as we look at the true character of God and His plan of salvation from the beginning of time.
David Kloos

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Second Chances
Genesis 9:1-29

Have you ever wished you could do life over? Would you do anything different the second time around? Join us as we discover when God gives all of mankind a fresh new start he desires for us to faithfully walk in it.
David Kloos

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Decisions, Deceptions, Disobedience
Genesis 11:1-9

Have you ever made a decision that you regret? Do you struggle with the task of making right decisions for your life and knowing that your decision aligns you in the perfect will of God?  Listen in as we look at how to hear from God, how to obey God, and how to remain in the will of God.
David Kloos

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God Said What?
Genesis 12:1-20

God’s greatest desire for all believers is that we love Him. How we show our love is by obeying and trusting him completely.  Listen in as we learn how Abraham discovers that partial obedience is still disobedience. Are we living our lives with complete obedience?
David Kloos

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Groundhog Day
Genesis 13:1-18

Many of us remember the popular 1993 move Groundhog Day. Bill Murphy repeated the same day over and over until he learned from his mistakes and changed. We all can relate to the theme behind this movie. As Christians, we sometimes make choices that lead us away from God only to find ourselves right back to the same place we left him. Listen in as we look at the life of Abraham and discover how to learn from our past mistakes and not repeat them.
David Kloos

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Tired of Waiting
Genesis 15-16

Waiting is one of the hardest things God will ask us to do. It stretches our patience and our faith. In this teaching we are going to learn that impatience leads us to take matters into our own hands. God doesn’t need us to help him deliver his promises He has made known to us to wait upon the Lord, not go before Him.
David Kloos

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Names Matter
Genesis 17

God first makes himself known to us, and gives us faith to see Him, then takes us into His covenant. God calls for Abram to walk faithfully and blameless, with His covenant God will change Abram's name to Abraham . Walking before God is living in the knowledge that the eyes of God were always upon him. God calls for us to walk in the same humble, obedient manner today.
Craig Szeman

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Desires That Lead to Fire
Genesis 18:16-19:27

God’s love is so patient, and He is willing to give all of mankind every opportunity to live and lead a life that is pleasant unto him. God doesn’t require a perfect life, but he does desire a persistent life of seeking him. Listen in as we discover God’s mercy and wrath.  
David Kloos

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Deja Vu, The Sin Hidden in You
Genesis 20

Have you ever found yourself struggling or even falling into temptations with the same sins over and over again? Why is that? How can we overcome that one sin that keeps tripping us up? Join us as we learn from the life of Abraham and that habitual sin is never hidden from God. 
David Kloos

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Bigger Test, Bigger Faith, Bigger Love
Genesis 22:1-19

Faith is something that we all struggle with from time to time. Listen in and see how the bigger the test we experience the bigger the faith we find ourselves walking in.
David Kloos

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