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Problems to Prayer
Nehemiah 1:1-11

Let problems motivate us to pray
Dave Folkerts

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From Burden to Building
Nehemiah 2-3

Lay your burdens before the Lord
Bryan Saylor

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Overcoming Discouragement
Nehemiah 4

Allow adversity to draw closer to God
Dave Folkerts

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The Attacks from Within
Nehemiah 5

The enemy wants nothing more than to STOP the work of God. If he cannot get us from the outside the attacks will come from within. As we look at Nehemiah 5 we will see how God turns the outcries to praise! 
TJ Buckingham

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Discerning Deception
Nehemiah 6-7

Discernment from the Holy Spirit helps us to see the good, not just the bad
Dave Folkerts

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Nehemiah 8

Our hearts need a course correction along the journey so that when we are on final approach we will be lined up on the centerline. 
David Palmisano

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Preparing for Personal Revival
Nehemiah 9

What do you think of when you hear the word “revival”? Revival starts with me. We are all on a journey. Where are you at spiritually? What do we need to change? It is all about being close to Christ. The stories in the Old Testament are for us today.
Dave Folkerts

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How to Stop Revival
Nehemiah 13

God wants us to live in a continual state of revival – continually experiencing fresh encounters with God’s POWER and HOLINESS and LOVE.
Bryan Saylor

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