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God Has Come
John 1:1-18

True life is found in Jesus.
Bryan Saylor

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Behold The Lamb
John 1:19-34

Today we will learn about John the Baptist, our purpose in life, baptism and Jesus the Lamb of God. Let’s first learn about John the Baptist
Dave Folkerts

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Six Ways People Meet Jesus
John 1:35-51

We are called to live a life that invites people toward Jesus.
Bryan Saylor

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Wine and Whips
John 2:1-25

God has given every person in the world two things, Jesus and faith. It is our prayer today that by God’s grace our faith would become united, married, to belief in Jesus.
David Palmisano

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You Must Be Born Again
John 3:1-21

Today we study the most famous verse in the Bible and discover how one conversation with Jesus has the potential to change everything in your life.
Bryan Saylor

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More of Jesus and Less of Me
John 3:22-36

We are to be more like Jesus and less like our sinful self.
Dave Folkerts

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The Woman, The Well, and The Waterpot
John 4:1-42

While on a long journey, Jesus has a “chance” encounter with a woman at a well. The conversation changes her life. In this teaching, we’ll discover what it means that Jesus wants to give us living water, and how we can remove the things from our lives that hinder our relationship with God.
Bryan Saylor

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Jesus, Our Great Physician
John 4:43-5:15

Purpose of trials
Dave Folkerts

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Jesus Gets Defensive (and Offensive)
John 5:16-47

After Jesus heals a man at the pool of Bethesda, the religious leaders begin to get angry. Jesus gives a defense of his ministry and makes several incredible claims about who he really is.
Bryan Saylor

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Following Through Fear and Fatigue
John 6:1-21

This weekend, we will study two famous miracles of Jesus and discover how he moved in power despite his disciple’s fear, confusion, and fatigue. 
Bryan Saylor

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How to Unfollow Jesus
John 6:22-71

 Today we are confronted with these same truths, Jesus is the source of all of life both now and forever and He asks us for that same act of pure faith, to believe in and follow him both now and forever. However, we must be on our guard against the subtleties that cause us to, even unknowingly, unfollow Jesus.
David Palmisano

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Learning to Obey God
John 7:1-24

Jesus will teach  us how to obey God
Dave Folkerts

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Spirit Filled Life
John 7:25-52

As we finish John Chapter 7, We will study Jesus’ famous “living water” statement and learn how to connect it to our lives today.
Dave Barnes

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From Death to Life
John 7:53-8:11

The evidence is conclusive; the verdict is guilty as charged. What will Jesus do at the most critical time to meet our most desperate need?
David Palmisano

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What Else Do You Need?
John 8:12-30

This weekend, we discover that Jesus makes a bold statement – that he is the light of the world and that there is a radical difference between walking in light and walking in darkness.
Bryan Saylor

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True Disciples
John 8:31-59

Here in John 8:31-59 we study four attributes of a true disciple of Jesus. We will learn about the freedom Jesus gives His followers. We will also hear a powerful testimony from someone who has experienced that freedom
Dave Folkerts

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Do You See What I See?
John 9:1-39

 This weekend we’ll discover how spit, mud, and a hike in the dark show us the unexpected love of Jesus.
Bryan Saylor

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Seeing Our Shepherd
John 9:40-10:21

“None are so blind as those who refuse to see.” Join us this weekend as seek to understand how Jesus desires to be seen. 
David Palmisano

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Secure in an Insecure World
John 10:22-42

Jesus teaches us in John 10:22-42 how to be secure in an insecure world. How we can be secure in the hands of Jesus. 
Dave Folkerts

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When Your Prayers Don't Get Answered
John 11:1-27

This weekend we’ll discover how to hold fast to faith when our prayers don’t get answered and it seems like God is silent.
Bryan Saylor

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Does Anyone Actually Care?
John 11:28-54

Have you ever felt alone or wondered if anyone actually cares? This weekend we’ll discover how Jesus ministers to us as we discover the story of Jesus and Lazarus.
Bryan Saylor

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Living Generously
John 11:54-12:19

Here in John 12 we learn some valuable insights on living generously as we honor Jesus.
Dave Folkerts

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What Happened at the Cross?
John 12:20-50

This weekend, we’ll discover what Jesus thought about the cross and three ways people respond to his message. 
Bryan Saylor

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Table Manners
John 13:1-17

Today, we too learn from that same lesson how Jesus desires we live our lives in a way that expands His Kingdom on earth in this generation until He returns. 
David Palmisano

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