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God Has Come
John 1:1-18

The book of John answers those who would oppose Jesus and his deity. In other words, the book of John proves Jesus’s true identity, the Son of God.
David Kloos

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Washed and Ready
John 1:19-34

<div>Sins are forgiven through a Savior Jesus Christ who was about to come. God’s one and only son will come and walk with you and baptize you, and forgive you for all of your sins once and for all.</div><div><br /></div>
David Kloos

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How People Meet Jesus
John 1:19-51

Entrust your life to Jesus
Ryan Maschhoff

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Feasts and Frauds
John 2:1-19

Today we learn how Jesus turning water into wine represents the new life he brings to each of us. We also see how Jesus chasing the money changers out of the temple represents the old system being torn down and the new church being built on his shoulders. 
Ryan Maschhoff

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God So Loved
John 3:1-21

 Jesus came that we may have life, so why do we make it so hard to receive this new life that Jesus freely came to give? Listen in as we discover one man who responds to Jesus much like us, he will confuse the salvation message. 
David Kloos

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Giving God All of Me
John 3:22-36

The most important question anyone can ask is “Who is Jesus Christ?” The answer that question imperative to defining who we are and where we are going. It’s the key to all of our hope and faith as we are defined by our relationship to Christ and how plan on living for Him. In this passage John the Baptist answers and describes who Christ is to us.
Joey Everington

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A Woman, A Well, and A Wonderful God
John 4:1-42

As believers we may at some point get asked this question. Who did Jesus come for? It’s a great question. How will you answer it? Did Jesus come for the people who are good, with moral standards? Did he come for those who were sick? Listen in as we can walk away with the Heart of why and who Jesus came and died on the cross for.
David Kloos

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Peeling Back the Layers of a Miracle
John 4:43-5:15

God still does miracles today. We can be in a situation that requires a miracle right now. But as God provides a miracle are we ready to see what His answer might reveal about both our heart and God’s? A miracle can reveal an even deeper cry in our soul beyond the need. Join us as we peel back the layers of a miracle.
Joey Everington

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Truth, Testimony, and Trust
John 5:16-45

Today we learn directly from Jesus the truth about his authority and his testimony. Both prove that he was sent by God and has the power and authority to save the world.
Ryan Maschhoff

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A Hungry World
John 6:1-22

Today we learn about the miracles of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and walking on the water. In this teaching we will go deeper into the Why these events occurred and What we should learn from them. Join us as we grow together in our faith. 
Ryan Maschhoff

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Palm Sunday Problems
John 6:22-59

Palm Sunday made famous historically by the celebration of Christ the King entering Jerusalem. Yet it can be a conundrum to hear the crowds say “Hosanna, God save us!” on Palm Sunday and then demand “Crucify Him” on Friday. How did the people of Jerusalem turn on Christ so quickly? Their expectations would end up limiting what they thought a successful God should do. The problem was not the palm branches or the coats on the ground. The problem was who they thought Jesus would be.
Joey Everington

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Barriers of Belief
John 7:1-31

In John 7:1-31 Christ presses through our barriers to our belief. Or better yet, our barriers caused by disbelief. Jesus, through His obedience and faithfulness to God will lay out how we can break through problems of disbelief.
Joey Everington

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Choose to Believe
John 7:25-52

These verses show the many reactions people had toward Jesus. They agreed on their opposition and their determination to get rid of Him. They choose to be opposed to believe who Jesus was. Jesus will bring the feast to a fitting climax, Jesus boldly called people to Himself to drink and satisfy their deepest thirst, their spiritual thirst.
Craig Szeman

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Jesus Meets Us Where We Are
John 7:53-8:11

When Jesus said “whoever is without sin may cast the first stone” his words showed the proud their sin and brought hope to the condemned. 
Ryan Maschhoff

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Freedom in Believing Him
John 8:12-30

Jesus continues to identify who He is the messiah the creator of life, and His life brings light to mankind. Jesus boldly declares, “I am the light of the world. 
Craig Szeman

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True Spiritual Freedom
John 8:31-59

Jesus calls us as disciples to hold onto to His word, obey, and know the truth. Jesus tells the Jews that “believe in Him” that they will know the truth, and the truth will set them free , true freedom from sin in Christ.
Craig Szeman

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God's Work on Display
John 9:1-41

I was blind and now I see. These simple words are the best description of what Jesus does for each us. Join us as we learn this great story of the blind man receiving his sight.
Ryan Maschhoff

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I AM the Gate
John 10:1-21

Christ uses an earthly image of a shepherd to convey two very profound things. First, is that Jesus is our sanctuary. He will always be a safe place for His sheep. Second, there is a gateway to this sanctuary, and it is Jesus. We only have one way into the presence of God and that is through Christ alone.
Joey Everington

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You're In God's Hands
John 10:21-42

Jesus declares Himself to be the Messiah, the Son of God and many believed.  His identity is that He is the good shepherd  my sheep hear my voice and are safe and secure in my hands.
Craig Szeman

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Faith is Greater Than Fear
John 11:1-27

Today we learn the real reason Jesus went to tomb of Lazarus. It was not just to raise him from the dead but to prove he was the Messiah because he had the power to raise him from the dead.
Ryan Maschhoff

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I AM the Resurrection
John 11:28-57

“I am the resurrection and the life.” Christ uses these words to describe His heavenly mission but also His earthly ministry. Jesus’ goal is to lead us to heaven, but He is also will walk with us through the here and now. Through His supreme power and authority of life and death, He announces His love for us as He leads from death to life.
Joey Everington

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Serve Jesus with All Your Heart
John 12:1-19

This account of Jesus coming to Bethany, having dinner with His friends, show us how we should serve our Lord with all our heart and the different ways we serve our Lord giving Him back our best.
Craig Szeman

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God Will Be Glorified
John 12:20-50

Today we learn that to be followers of Jesus we must die to ourselves. Our faith should glorify Him and it should be bright light for all others to see. 
Ryan Maschhoff

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Feet Washings and Farewells
John 13:1-17

We come to the last 24 hours of Christ life. In these final hours we see Christ as the servant leader pouring out His love and guidance on the disciples. How does teach this lesson? He sets the example by lowering Himself to wash the feet of those who serve Him.
Joey Everington

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Fellowship and Love at Supper
John 13:18-38

 Fellowship at the last supper, it was discerning. Jesus was aware of the selfish ambition of Judas and his betrayal, also of Peters impulsive actions, his weakness that led to his denial of Jesus. Jesus will communicate to each of them His constant Love.
Craig Szeman

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The Way, The Truth, and The Life
John 14:1-14

Today we learn that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and because of him all things are possible. 
Ryan Maschhoff

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Holy Spirit Comes to Us
John 14:15-31

Earlier in chapter 14, Jesus was explaining that He is the Way, the Truth, the Life, and the only way to know the Father intimately. Now Jesus comforts His disciples by describing how the Holy Spirit will take over as their Advocate and Counselor. A very important lesson for every disciple to understand that by obeying the Spirit of the Lord, we can enter His presence and experience His power.
Joey Everington

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Fruit from the Vine
John 15:1-11

<div>This is the seventh and last of the “I am “statements of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John. I am the true Vine. Jesus now gives us this beautiful symbol of the vine and its branches.<br /></div>
Craig Szeman

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Love One Another
John 15:12-27

The final lesson Jesus taught his disciples was to show love even as the world turned against them. Join us to learn how the Holy Spirit would be the key to their success.
Ryan Maschhoff

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Holy Spirit Comes to Us
John 16:5-15

Who is the Holy Spirit and how can we get to know Him? Often the most understood person of the Trinity, it can be hard to understand if He is more spirit than a person of the Godhead. To get to know the Holy Spirit we must find how scripture clearly defines His role in our life. Jesus expertly lays out who the Holy Spirit is to us in this passage.
Joey Everington

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