Become a CCM online missionary!

Every day, millions of people around the world search the internet for God. CCM has partnered with Global Media Outreach, an internet ministry, where thousands of people each day learn about the good news of Jesus and connect with online missionaries through a secure, private, email connection.

An online missionary responds to people from all over the world who have requested follow-up from one of the nearly 100 GMO websites which share the Gospel in a variety of ways and languages. These sites offer visitors the opportunity to learn about Christ, pray to receive Him, and ask for follow-up from an online missionary, like you, who prays for that individual and points him or her toward excellent resources for growing in faith.

So, you want to get involved?
You are about to embark on an in-depth online missionary application and training process that we have found both helpful and necessary to safeguard and maintain the Biblical integrity of our Online Missionary program. The trainers are wonderful and extremely knowledgeable and if you get stuck or have a question, they are always there.

For more information or to become an online missionary contact Debbie Hatch.