Meet our team of Christ-followers here to serve!

Dave Folkerts
Dave Folkerts Associate Pastor Email
Steve Ritter
Steve Ritter Associate Pastor Ignite Kids' Ministry Email
Norm Holm
Norm Holm Associate Pastor over Outreach Email
Dereck Cooper
Dereck Cooper Associate Pastor/Y.O.U. - Youth Outreach Unleashed Email
Bob Russell
Bob Russell Associate Pastor, Community Groups Email
Mike Braun
Mike Braun Associate Pastor, Men's Ministry Email
David Palmisano
David Palmisano Associate Pastor, Edge Kids' Ministry Email
Bryan Saylor
Bryan Saylor Associate Pastor, Young Adults  Email
Dave Barnes
Dave Barnes Associate Pastor, Missions Email
Ramon Rodriguez
Ramon Rodriguez Associate Pastor, Spanish Ministry
Ministerio Hispano
Jackson Edwards
Jackson Edwards Associate Pastor, Jr. & Sr. High Email
Lou Figueroa
Lou Figueroa Associate Pastor, Guest Services Email
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Sr. Director of Food Services Email
Carol DeBlasis
Carol DeBlasis Sr. Director of Women's Ministry Email
Melody Glover
Melody Glover Sr. Director of Communications & Church Development Email
Debbie Hatch
Debbie Hatch Sr. Director of Online Missions Email
Tifani Gordon
Tifani Gordon Director of IT Email
Brooke Long
Brooke Long Director of Heart and Culture Email
Caleb Luper
Caleb Luper Sr. Director of Production Email
Marsha McBee
Marsha McBee Lead Bibilical Counselor Email
Lynn Pearson
Lynn Pearson Sr. Director of Accounting Email
Bonnie Peters
Bonnie Peters Sr. Director, Human Resources & Rise Management Email
Sharon Procopio Director of Purchasing Email
Rachel Savage
Rachel Savage  Sr. Director of Bookstore Operations Email
Steve Slesinger
Steve Slesinger Director of Volunteer Development Email
Tim Tierce
Tim Tierce Sr. Director of Facilities Email
Nancy Vice
Nancy Vice Director, Human Resources Email
Connie Wren
Connie Wren Sr. Director of Media and Facility Resources Email
Steve Zades
Steve Zades Director of Outreach Email
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Director of Graphic Arts Email
Shane Wright
Shane Wright Worship Leader Email


TJ Buckingham
TJ Buckingham Campus Pastor Email
Eric Ward
Eric Ward Associate Pastor over Family Ministries  Email
Karen Geniti
Karen Geniti Executive Administrative Assistant Email
Kevin Winn
Kevin Winn Associate Pastor of 412 Youth Ministry  Email
Heather Profit
Heather Profit Director of Women's Ministry Email
Keith Profit
Keith Profit Associate Pastor of Ignite Kid's Ministry Email
Mike Quinn
Mike Quinn Worship Leader Viera Email
Mark Sunderland
Mark Sunderland Director of Worship Instrumentation  Email
Mary Farrier
Mary Farrier Director, Ignite Kids' Ministry Viera Email
David Kloos
David Kloos Campus Pastor Email
Joey Everington
Joey Everington Associate Pastor, Youth Email
Jackie Everington
Jackie Everington Director, Ignite Kids' Ministry Sebastian Email
Rachelle Spatafore
Rachelle Spatafore Worship Leader Sebastian Email