The Youth Ministry is here to reach and serve the Jr. & Sr. High students of CCM and the surrounding Community. From getting ready to start high school to figuring out what comes after graduation, you are facing some major life questions and decisions. Who better to take those questions to than the One that personally designed you?

Whether you love (or want to) travel the world, take Instagrams like it’s an Olympic sport, or are the biggest Miami Dolphins fan, you belong here at the Youth Ministry! We have weekly gatherings for Jr. High and Sr. High students. You can check below for more information about days and times.

Our youth pastors teach on topics that are relevant to things you are facing in your daily life. They, along with the rest of the youth staff and volunteers, desire to see you encounter Jesus in a genuine, personal way that forever changes your life. No one was created to do life alone. A vibrant relationship with Christ and close friendships with other Christ Followers will help you grow and transform into the best version of who Christ created you to be. 

We asked some of our students to tell us about their experiences in the youth ministry. Here's what they said:

How Has The Youth Ministry Changed Your Life?

Tara Story"Going to the youth services got me through some of the hardest times in my life. Through 6th grade to 8th grade, I had trouble with anxiety, my grandparents died, and I found myself more self-conscious. When I was dealing with anxiety, I felt lost. I was panicky nearly all the time, but I found that the staff at the youth service always listened, and they guided me towards the comfort God provides for his servants. Youth ministry was the place I found a peace that wasn't out in the world. Youth Ministry kept my eyes on Christ while I learned more about myself." - Tara, age 13

Alexa Story"My life has made a complete 180 ever since I got involved with youth ministry. I was met with such love and Christ-centered encouragement from both the leaders and students from the start. The authenticity of the teachings and loving leadership gives each and every student a chance to experience the truth and salvation found in Jesus Christ. A large part of my involvement and love for this youth group came from taking part in the mission trips and retreats; the friendships and lessons learned through these times I will keep with me throughout my life." –Alexa, age 17

Jimmy Story"Youth ministry… wow, I can't explain how much it has changed me. I used to be the shy kid in the corner, who wouldn't really answer questions or want to be involved. I didn't have many friends at church or really anywhere. God has really used the leaders to guide me in the right direction. I am no longer that little shy kid in the corner, but I am still a little shy. I do want to meet new people and I can do that through Sr. High service. Going on trips with the youth ministry also has helped me be able to meet new people and have a lot of fun!" –Jimmy, age 15

Service Times


Jr. High Service
Wednesdays 6:45pm

Sr. High Service
Tuesdays 6:30pm

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Sr. & Jr. High Service
Wednesdays 6:30pm

Jr. and Sr. High Service (7th-10th grade) 
Sundays 10:45am

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Sr. & Jr. High Service
Sundays 10:45am
Wednesdays   6:30pm 

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Youth Outreach Unleashed

The Y.O.U. (Youth Outreach Unleashed) is a ministry geared toward connecting with students in 6th-12th grades, and providing them a fun, safe place to hang out and have the opportunity to learn more about Jesus.

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