Sometimes it’s nice to go home and relax after school, but after a while, sitting on the couch at home gets kind of boring. The Y.O.U. (Youth Outreach Unleashed) is a ministry geared toward connecting with students in 6th-12th grades, and providing them a fun, safe place to hang out and have the opportunity to learn more about Jesus. 

The Y.O.U. ministry is open to all students, whether you attend Calvary Chapel Melbourne or not.  Open Monday- Friday, just head over to the CCM Youth Center to see what’s happening.

As a ministry they don’t function like an after-school program. They do have staff members and volunteers that enjoy helping students with their homework when asked, but there is no enforced homework time. The Y.O.U. is more about building relationships and getting to know each student that walks through the door. 

With a gym, arcade, concession stand, and comfy areas to just hang out with friends, it’s really hard to be bored , especially when you meet the great Y.O.U. staff and volunteers. They put a lot of work into having fun. They have basketball tournaments, plan fun parties to celebrate things like the end of the school year, and go on trips to events like Rock the Universe at Universal Studios.

The last Friday of every month they provide dinner to all the students. These meals range from pizza to Publix fried chicken to Taco Bell. Around Thanksgiving they do a big family-style holiday meal for everyone. Who can say no to more helpings of turkey and gravy? 

Everyone involved with the Y.O.U. wants kids to have a great time while they are here, but more than that they want to introduce students to the truth of God’s Word. Every day they have a memory verse they share with the group, and every Friday all the students at the Y.O.U. are required to attend a short 15-minute teaching. We also have CCM’s youth group, 412, that meets on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Take a look below at some of the stories of students, and read what they have to say about Youth Outreach Unleashed.

How Has Y.O.U. Changed Your Life?


Garrett Story"I have been coming to the Y.O.U. for almost four years now. I really like the staff, the basketball court, and the food here is delicious. Going to the Y.O.U. every day after school, the staff has taught me about life experiences and about God. If it was not for the Y.O.U. I would most likely be playing basketball at Rodes Park, or Grant Street and those are not the safest places to play, especially at night." –Garrett, age 17

Whitney StoryI feel like God didn’t call for me, I called for God. I was lonely and I needed him. I wanted the relationship. I was introduced to the Y.O.U. and it saved me from deep depression. It made me forget about the stuff at home. God blessed me with the greatest people in the Y.O.U. and I thank God for the greatest."–Whitney, age 15

Thomas Story"I’ve been coming to the Y.O.U. for almost a year. The fries at the café are really good and the snacks in the Candy shop are delicious. I have so much fun at the Y.O.U. and there is a lot of things to do here. I have a lot of friends that come here after school to hang out. It was at the Y.O.U. where I got to meet HotSauce (the best street basketball player in the world). Coming to the Y.O.U. has helped me try more and better in school and also has helped me make better decisions and choices in life.–Thomas, age 12