Who is your ONE?

Through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit our goal is that each person at our church would lead one person to Christ this year. Lost people matter to God and our church, and this is an incredible opportunity for you to allow the Holy Spirit to rekindle that fire in your heart for the lost and be on mission for God. Through monthly challenges, evangelism classes, and teachings we pray that you will be equipped to grow the Kingdom of God by using the giftings the Lord has given you. Start now by beginning to ask God, who is my ONE? VIO

Monthly Challenge

Monthly Challenge

We pray that over the past nine months you've been able to grow a friendship with an unbelieving friend, neighbor, co-worker. This month, invite those friends to come to church with you. Be proactive, don't just invite them, offer to pick them up. Offer to sit with them, show the love of Christ and pray their heart would be open to hearing God's word taught.

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Watch how ONE person put VIO into action and impacted ONE person's life for Jesus Christ.

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Watch how ONE person can impact the lives of others. Check out these personal stories  of how lives are being changed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Value & Impact of One? 
The goal is that each person at our church would lead one person to Christ this year.

Why should I be excited about the Value & Impact of One?
Three reasons. First, lost people matter to God and lost people matter to this church. Second, this is an incredible opportunity for you as a Christ Follower to be on mission for Christ. Third, this is an opportunity for our campuses to unify like never before.

What if evangelism is not my spiritual gift? 
As a Christ Follower, you have been given the gift of evangelism, but God has given you a unique way of evangelizing. No matter your spiritual gift; Leading, Exhorting, Giving, Mercy, Prophecy, Serving, or Teaching, you can be on mission for Christ and share the Gospel. We will be working to provide you the tools to succeed.

What if I don't have a ONE in my life? 
Pray. Pray that God would put someone on your heart and that you would see the ONE He has placed in your path with whom you are to share the Gospel.

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