Leadership Update and Other News

We are pleased and excited to bring you good news as we continue to move forward as one church united in Christ.

Through careful prayer and direction from the Lord, our Elders have decided that Pastor Dave Folkerts will step into the role of Senior Pastor. As Senior Pastor, Dave will be responsible for leading the staff and church body in carrying out the purpose and values of the church and overseeing the campus pastors and ministries.

Pastor Dave has been effectively serving in this role for a few months now, and we are confident he is the one to lead the church moving forward. Pastor Dave has been a pastor here at Calvary Chapel for 20 years, and in that time, he has faithfully followed God's direction to train up the next generation of pastors and leaders. He has a heart for missions and a vision for the church that aligns with God's Word and His mission to seek and save the lost. Pastor Dave's character is above reproach and demonstrates his ability to lead this church in accordance with God's Will.

With Pastor Dave stepping into the role of Senior Pastor, the Elders have prayerfully decided that Pastor Bryan Saylor will step into the role of Melbourne Campus Pastor. Pastor Bryan was trained up by Pastor Dave to lead our Young Adults Ministry (The Harbor) and has faithfully done that for almost ten years. Pastor Bryan is an anointed teacher with a passion for God's Word and has shown great ability to present the scriptures in a way that sharpens, encourages, and equips the body of Christ.

To bring more clarity around the future of teaching here at Calvary Chapel, while Pastor Dave will teach as part of his role as Senior Pastor, we will continue to have a team of teaching pastors, including Pastor Bryan. We believe this will allow you to be encouraged by various voices and gifts.

As part of this vision for team teaching, we will be introducing live weekend services across all of our campuses at the end of this month. This means that we will no longer be streaming the Melbourne service to our Viera and Sebastian Campuses on the weekends except for the special occasion. All of our campus pastors will work together with Pastor Dave to plan and develop the teaching series to continue to have unity across all campuses. We'll have the same sermon series and theme with the campus pastor developing and delivering their own message. Our goal is for each pastor to better connect with the people they serve locally so they can adjust their teachings to speak into the lives of the people at their campus. We believe this will build greater relationships between the people and our church leaders.

There's even more great news! As we continue to move forward and respond to God's direction, we are pleased to introduce a fourth campus - Calvary Chapel Español with Pastor Ramon Rodriguez serving as Campus Pastor. Pastor Ramon has been instrumental in growing the Spanish Ministry to have over 100 people faithfully attending both Wednesday and Sunday services. He has a heart and vision to reach the community through evangelism and outreach to bring people to Jesus.

We are so excited for where God is leading us, all He is showing us, and all He has in store for His church. As we worship and teach the Word, God guides us as we help expand the Kingdom for His glory. We are excited about these upcoming changes, and we are so honored to be on this journey with you. We love you Calvary Family.

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