Why should I volunteer?

Imagine CCM without people helping in the parking lot, or teaching your kids. Calvary Chapel Melbourne runs on volunteers. There are many areas where volunteers are essential. Have a heart for those in need? Check out our Hospital Visitation Ministry. Are you outgoing? You might be called to be a greeter as part of the Guest Services team. Just like our bodies are made up of multiple parts, your talents and abilities are needed to fulfill God’s mission for the church.

As a Christ follower that means you follow Christ and the example He gave us. Jesus served, so we should serve. Plain and simple. God has equipped each and every person with gifts and talents. As an active servant of Christ, you get the privilege of seeing Christ at work in our community, and you get to be part of the change! What’s better than that?

If you are not sure of your gifts, you can take a Spiritual Gifts Test below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an independent website. Be sure to record your top three gifts and call Steve (the volunteer guy) with your results or email him at volunteer@calvaryccm.com

Take A Spiritual Gifts Test.

Meet Steve, Our Volunteer Guy!

Steve the Volunteer GuyWhen you meet Steve for the first time, you feel like you have just met the human version of the Energizer Bunny. Steve wears many hats: elder, Bible college teacher, husband, dad, miniature book collector, art aficionado, and last not but least, CCM’s Volunteer Director. Nothing makes him more excited than seeing people step out and grow in their walks with Christ. Whether it’s helping you find a ministry in need of help, helping you discover your spiritual gifts, or assisting you in completing your volunteer application, contact Steve.

Email Steve

Start Volunteering!

Ready to become a volunteer? The youngest volunteers we accept must have completed 6th grade. Fill out our volunteer application and become part of the CCM team!
Before you get started, here's a few things you will need when filling out the application: 

  1. Make sure you have a digital photo. We want to see who you are, so we can say hi when we see you on campus.
  2. Decide where you would like to serve. If you aren't sure where you would like to serve, contact Steve to find out about our ministries. You can also take an online spiritual gifts test
  3. Be prepared to tell your story. The elders and pastors of CCM read through the volunteer applications. We want to get to know you, and what Jesus is doing in your life.
  4. Provide three personal references. We want to hear more about you from the people in your life. No relatives please. You can use a teacher, employer, community group leader, a neighbor, etc.

Start your volunteer application

Volunteer Opportunites

There are many ways to serve at our CCM campuses, out in the community, and abroad. God gave each of us gifts and talents to be used for His kingdom. Where could you best use your gifts that God has entrusted you with? If you are wondering where and how to serve, check out the list below for a few ideas to help you get started or you can take an online spiritual gifts test.


Film Crew
Sound Ministry
Kids' Tech Team
IT Support


Hospital Visitation
Prayer Partners
Homeless & Community
Nursing Home Visitation
Grief Share
Widows Serving Team
Special Needs (Kids Ministry)

Hands On

Arts/Set Design
BBQ Team
Common Grounds Cafe
Hospitality Ministry


Starting Point
412 Jr & Sr High
Kid's Ministry
Divorce Care
Men's Ministry
Women's Ministry

People Person

Face Painting
Information Ring
Community Groups