Maybe you've never been to church. Or maybe you’ve been to a church and had a bad experience. Or maybe you don’t even believe in God. But we promise you that church, or actually the reason we even go to church - Jesus, can change your life!

At Calvary Chapel we teach the Bible. The Bible is the best-selling book of all times. There has to be a reason for that. Maybe you went to a church where they preached at you. Or maybe you tried to read the Bible yourself and it was hard to understand. At Calvary, we teach through the Bible verse by verse with common sense practical application. You will see things from God’s perspective, and this will affect you in many ways (building up correct thinking and correcting wrong thinking). The Bible covers everything that is important in life including:

  • Marriage, Family, Relationships
  • Finances
  • Sexuality
  • Grief and Suffering, Addictions

Not having a strong spiritual life, leaves your family open to the pressures of an increasingly crazy culture. Let God’s word and God’s people show you how to lead a life of purpose. Instead of doing life with your own wisdom, you can have godly wisdom to guide your family.

Are you unsure about where you (and the country) are heading? Come and discover direction, peace and purpose. Does your average day feel like you are going through the motions to survive? God can change that and give you internal joy.

Come and check it out for yourself! 

You may think, “If I go to church, the walls would fall down.” Don’t worry, we used extra reinforcement. Or watch online for a few weeks. Here’s our challenge to you. Make a commitment. Come to church four weeks in a row. Be on time. Experience the worship. Listen to the teaching. We are confident God will show up in the message and you will hear something specifically for you. What do you have to lose? And think about what you might have to gain:

  • A successful life and family with purpose and joy
  • A strong marriage
  • A life worth living
  • A peaceful home
  • Kids on the right track
  • Becoming free from past hurts or addictions
  • Becoming debt free


We have seen this in our lives. God wants to do this in yours.